Our services

We are a comprehensive agency with expertise in communication and marketing. We offer several different services that can be ordered one by one or all at once for uniform communication.

All of our production takes place in-house from start to finish, without intermediates. So we can always guarantee a cohesive and precise result. With us as your agency, you get a single contact interface where we are always at the forefront of technology and external analysis. The result is an agile, transparent and cost-effective way of working tailored to your needs.


Design is a broad concept. Our experienced designers and Art Directors are experts in everything from strategic branding and positioning (graphic profile and logo), digital design, print design, UI/UX (web design, app design), packaging, retail, large print, events and trade fair design, illustration, photography and motion graphics.


We develop both large complex websites and apps, as well as more short-lived campaign pages. We work strategically with UX, UI, content and architecture. We always adapt the solution to your needs, and we have expert skills in everything from WordPress to EPiServer.


We develop strategic and tactical concepts and campaigns with content for all channels. Everything from print to social media to general digital marketing. We handle the entire production of the material in-house, including media purchases. We also have expertise in SEO and SEM.


Our creators produce relevant content for different channels. For social media, digital marketing, print advertising, content for both large and small websites, scripts for film, SEO and more. We work with text, still and motion images, and produce target group-driven content in-house.


Our film team consists of producers, photographers, editors and animators. We create films for both internal and external communication. Commercials, in-house films, social media films, live streamed content, interactive meetings and conferences and E-learning. We have extensive experience in both animated film and live action.

Media purchases

We help you buy media space and work with Google ads (Google, Youtube etc.), Facebook ads (and social media in general) – and last but not least, we’re really sharp on programmatic campaigns.


Louder Family has its roots in the event industry and is experienced in both B2B and B2C events. Our team helps you with event marketing, trade fairs, conceptually cool and content-rich corporate parties, guerrilla marketing and much more. Our creativity is something we’re both proud of and appreciated for.

Project management

In all our productions, we appoint experienced and committed project managers to drive the project forward, together with the team and you as a customer. We can also assist with project management on a consultancy basis. But with us, you don’t just talk to a single project manager. Instead, everyone involved in your project becomes your best friend.


Our strategic thinking permeates everything we do. To be able to carry out precise advertising, marketing and communication, you need to know where you come from and where you’re going. You need clear positions, insights, values and goals. We help you with coherent communication.


Right from the outset, we have from been close to creative and conceptual marketing, and are still strong in tactical, conceptual marketing solutions, both digitally and physically. Impact and campaigns that not only get the target group to turn their heads but also make them feel, think and take action are our thing.

We are designers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, digital producers, web developers, media investors, media strategists, copywriters, project and production managers, social media experts, event producers, SEO consultants, animators, film photographers, editors, screenwriters, film producers and marketing geeks.

Welcome to a strong and competent team that knows what’s needed to take your communication to the next level.