Marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing

If I were to describe in one sentence what is our strongest USP at Louder Family is that we manage to create marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing. It may sound a bit clichéd but it has always been our way of approaching an audience, by first understanding their needs and then creating something that they embrace and want to be involved in.

During our many years as an agency, we have created several Communitys/Concepts that live on as legends where the underlying brands accompany its target group in a natural way throughout life. Think for yourself about what made you appreciate that particular brand and what created its magic. That’s where we strive all the time.

So, are there any important building blocks to successfully create legendary, brand-building  marketing?

This topic is, of course, inexhaustible, but let’s start from scratch:

To successfully create great advertising, you need to be one with the target audience in your mindset. You must also dare to test, wet and wear different variants of your idea. If the target group does not receive the project with open arms, then you may have to dare to go back to square one of your idea. It is important to be humble in front of the target group and to dare to let go of your own perceptions and prejudices about it. There is a risk that you will damage the brand that you are trying to build, which of course you want to avoid. The goal is to truly understand the target group, its challenges and joys, to rejoice with the target group.

Do you have a challenge that you face where you don’t really get wise to how to attack the problem? Our suggestion is that you shut down the computer, get to where the target group is and start from there. So start from the other direction, not by creating big bombastic plans, fine presentations, etc. Get out and breathe, or close yourself in a room with the target audience and see what comes out of such a meeting. Become one with your audience. We’re pretty sure magic will be created.

Of course, it can be a bit painful to suddenly make yourself visible and vulnerable in front of your target audience’ s eyes, but it is precisely at that moment when you give in that you will also find the audience’s appreciation and respect. It is here and now a legend can be created.

Good luck and if you need help along the way, we are here with 30 years of experience from creating magic for our clients.

Greetings from

Team Louder