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Here we are! We’re holding your hand in the wet and dry. Feel free to contact one of us directly if you know who you want to contact.

Anders van der Hagen

CEO, Project manager

We almost wrote “Anders likes coffee with milk and seafood”. But what we mean is that he likes seafood and takes his coffee with milk. He also likes to ski and hang out with his daughter.

[email protected]  0708666103

Ulf Mård

Project Manager, partner

Ulf loves to surf –by which we don’t mean internet surfing, but “catching a wave”, as the kids say(?!). But an even cooler fact about Ulf is that he has come fourth in the World Snowboard Cup – four times!

Isabelle de Brito


Isabelle is our romantically laid pasta lover who delves into crafty interior design projects, paints paintings and likes to drink beer with friends. You’ll find her at a concert in Berlin, and the next morning you’ll have a really great brunch together and let the coffee flow.

Patrick J Clarke

Digital Marketing Specialist.

Patrick enjoys film, outdoor life and culture his own vegetables and intends to learn to sail at some point. He has a huge interest in cooking, and if you are ever invited to his house for dinner, you must not be a coward, but expect to be served both roasted insects and weeds.

Rosie Rasmusson

Animator, editor

You can find Rosie both at home on the sofa contemplating her belly button, and at a bar counter on Södermalm… at the same time. Rosie likes Thursdays and oysters best.

Pär Linusson

VFX, editor, cameraman, script

Pär likes to travel, fasting and working out. He likes to spend time hiking in the mountains where he can clear his brain of all the big city stress.

Paco Garcia

Animator, storyboard illustrator

Paco likes punk and Pata Negra and loves to travel to his home town of Madrid. When he’s not in Madrid, he likes to hang out with his children and wife or read comic books.

Kalle Helander

Project manager

Kalle thrives with his neighbours and his family in his home just outside Stockholm. Once upon a time, he won the Swedish Championships in cross-country skiing, but today balcony construction has climbed to the top of his most interesting list.

Sara Källström

Editor, animator

Sara is the office’s X-Men fanatic, who thrives best on gigs by her favourite band Blink-182. She also likes to stroke cats even though she’s super allergic to them.

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Our next employee?

Are you our next star? Wondering why your face isn’t already adorning this box? Get in touch with Anders Hagen straight away!

[email protected] 0708666103

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