Digital climate conference


In day five, we, Louder Family, are creating change in the world together with Ingmar Rentzhog and the organization We Don’t Have Time.

The world’s top 100 researchers, companies, experts are involved in lecturing on how to create change based on one topic a day.

Monday: Finance, Nick Robins and others.

Tuesday: Circular Economy, Christiana Figueres and others

Wednesday: Big Ideas & Education, Johan Rockström and others

Thursday: Food & Agriculture, Ibrahim Thiaw and others

Friday: Local initiatives, transport, Jennifer Lenarth and others

Feel free to help and spread the word through your channel.


World’s largest online climate conference announced to Mark 50th Anniversary of World’s First Earth Day | Earth Day

Here you enter:


Ulf Mård

Louder Family


PS. This is the third year we are involved in organizing this global digital conference. DS.