Winter Jam

Winter Jam

Snowboard WC, King of style, etc.
Global live broadcast, event, concept, design, Art Direction, web, competition, film, social media, influencer marketing

The business model of the Swedish Ski Association, SSF, involves winning medals at major championships. To do so, new recruitment to ski sports is required. But snowboarding changed drastically when the free ski generation broke through thanks to the revolutionary arrival of twin tip skiing.

SSF came to us with a blank sheet of paper and a desire to create a format that would make it attractive to compete again.

As is so often the case in these smaller subcultures, the budget was tight, so we made the decision to try to conceptualise these sports in a new, conspicuous way – and sell it to the market.

The result was “Winter Jam”, a format including the FIS Snowboard World Cup and where the two sports – skiing and snowboarding – were mixed for the first time in history. Under the umbrella of Winter Jam, we also built King of Style, the world’s premier invitational competition for skiers. To create a unique setting, we rented Stockholm’s Stadium. Then we filled it with 50 exhibitors, a large stage with Sweden’s leading bands, a world-class motocross show, a rail arena for the kids and many activities for everyone to try out.

The project went well and we made live broadcasts in 45 countries, retransmissions in over 100 countries, with 100 journalists, 700 VIP guests, 22,000 visitors, 150 athletes and coaches on site from all over the world.

Stadium presented the Winter Jam, Peak Performance King of Style and Nokia Big Air – the Stockholm Stadium hosted the event and hadn’t had such a big media turnout since the 1912 Olympics.

One of the aspects of the project of which we are most proud is the verdict of the City of Stockholm and the Police after the event:

“With its unique insight and careful accuracy, Louder Family has carried out an event in a K-marked arena without damaging a single thing, and the entire event was held without the slightest rowdiness or drunkenness that many other sports have in their culture.”

The long-term result of the project is clear; when SSF had difficulty recruiting competitors to its business model, we built a media platform for them to stand on in the media spotlight. Competitors enjoyed the event and came back every year we ran the project. Today, SSF has several strong competition skiers, including Sven Thorgren and Henrik Harlaut.