Windows 10

Windows 10

Launch in Sweden
Concept, design, Art Direction, contest, film, event, social media, media placement, guerilla, award winning

For many years, Louder Family had been helping both Microsoft and Windows with communication, marketing and advertising. And now it was time to launch Windows 10 in Sweden. Once again, Louder were asked to oversee the launch.

As Windows is for everyone – in other words, it has a broad target group – we chose to develop a communication concept that could be divided and tailored for each sub-target group. It was important that the advertisement would be widely disseminated digitally and have “go viral” quality.

Marketing was done live at events, spread via commercials, social media, YouTube prerolls and images. Windows wanted to communicate that the new Windows 10 is faster, smarter, safer and more attractive. That Windows 10 gives that little extra. The main goal was, of course, to get as many people as possible to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 10.

We developed the concept of “Upgrade Experience!”. We chose to do everything with a guerilla touch, where we surprised people in unexpected places with unexpected things, if they had upgraded their PC to Windows 10.

Some of the activities
We deployed a butler at a bus stop on a rainy day in Stockholm, and if you had upgraded to Windows 10, you got to ride in a limousine with champagne and strawberries instead of travelling by bus. This video went viral and was the first in the series.

We continued by visiting the big Dreamhack game convention to reach gamers, who in most cases use Windows. During the festival, our butlers handed out attractive prizes to those who upgraded their computer to Windows 10, and two lucky winners got an upgraded trip home, by helicopter. Our butlers eventually had a large audience cheering “Windows 10! Windows 10!”. This video also went viral.

To reach out to B2B customers, we visited the Dustin Fair and took over their cloakroom. Everyone with Windows 10 got to hang their outerwear in a VIP. wardrobe and received extra nice treats, and two people also got an upgraded, adventurous (but safe!) trip down to Microsoft’s booth from the roof of the Globe.