We Don´t Have Time Digital Climate Conference 2020

We Don´t Have Time Digital Climate Conference 2020

The world’s first travel-free climate conference
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If we look back three years, it’s clear that we’ve succeeded in influencing decision-makers around the world, who now understand that a climate crisis is taking place.

This project aims to create change. In the first year that involved attracting attention and creating insights. The 2019 implementation was a little more solution oriented. And this year, 2020, We Don’t Have Time’s environmental conference was 100% based on unique solutions for various environmental problems all around the world.

During the five day conference, 120 experts from 15 countries spoke and 500,000 people per day watched the digital event from as many as 135 countries. A few days later, we had summed up more than 100 global news clips.

Creating a digital event like this requires detailed planning – even more so than a physical event, as you must ensure that participants from all over the world are in place at the right time. It’s fascinating to see what can be achieved with today’s technology and an ambitious goal.

Below are some clips from this year’s event, where you can see how we build the programme format with intros, nameplates, news sweeps, and a combination of conferences/speakers on site and participants via Zoom. These were then broken down into panel discussions or one-on- one discussions regardless of where in the world the person was. The show was also broadcast at two live events, one in Stockholm and one in Washington, all synchronised via a 1000-minute long schedule from a studio in Stockholm.

 During the ongoing live show, we also interacted with our viewers by putting questions to the speakers through an app. The speakers were then asked the questions directly, live from the studio.

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En timelapsad version över några timmar av sändningen.
Vi gjorde även animerade grafikinslag.
2019 års uppmaning att anmäla sig till konferensen.