Branding and design of new soda
Concept, design, illustration, Art Direction, social media, retail, print

Nyckelbryggerier is a small brewery from Älvsbyn in Sweden, which was about to launch its very own soda. A “handcrafted soda” filled with real berries, in cloudberry, lingonberry and blueberry flavours.

Louder Family were commissioned to develop branding, labels and product design. We produced product names, logos, illustrations and copy as well as a cohesive visual identity.

It was important that the feeling of the design and name was very Swedish, relating to Norrland, genuine and handmade, but also playful.

The final name of the product was Vildsoda (Wild Soda), with a logo alluding to runes without looking too old-fashioned. This was accompanied by a playful illustration of the relevant berry. The label is transparent, to show genuine, honest content and the connection to Nordic purity. We also developed a complementary font for body texts and headings and decorated the bottles with small quirky “Did you know?” facts on the back.

Vildsoda is sold all over Sweden. If you happen to encounter a bottle, we recommend you to try it, as it tastes fantastic!