Under Armour

Under Armour

The Stair Battle
Concept, design, Art Direction, web, contest, film, event, social media, media placement, influencer marketing

Under Armour wanted to reach out to people – predominantly women – in Norway and Finland. They gave us the task of developing a campaign that would be suitable for social media.

We developed the concept of “The Stair Battle” and contacted some of Norway and Finland’s strongest female influencers in fitness and training, to make them our ambassadors.

As the name implies, The Stair Battle involves running up a set of steps, with the best time winning. We developed a web app that could search for stairs nearby via GPS, log the time and allow users to compete against each other. Users challenged their friends by sharing their time on social media with a simple click. The top 10 times ended up on a high score list.

We marketed the app via Under Armour’s various channels such as YouTube prerolls and ads on Instagram and Facebook. At the same time, our influencers posted Instagram and blog posts urging their followers to try beating their time.

At the end of the campaign period, final competitions were held in each capital city where users could compete against each other live, win awards from Under Armour and meet their influencer idols.

The project built loyalty in the Nordic countries and clearly showed how to use influencer marketing to engage a target group to become part of a brand.