A clearly visible upswing
Concept, design, Art Direction, event

Microsoft launched its own Surface hardware without fuss.

They expected retail contact and their sellers to create buzz. Unfortunately, this failed to happen so they asked Louder Family to make the product visible to potential target groups, even though the opportunity to create buzz during the initial period had already passed.

After a careful analysis of the target group, we understood that people travelling extensively for work could benefit from several of the advantages of Surface; the light weight, fast start-up and long battery life.

We created a concept where we loaned out Surface units at the three largest train stations in Sweden: those in central Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Each train passenger received a fully charged Surface and a simple set of instructions, and then it was up to the passenger to test the product on their journey.

The project was a resounding success, with travellers asking to buy the units they had borrowed, and we were able to offer an advantageous partner offer. Industry and advertising media described the project, and Microsoft itself called the project Best Practice in the World – although not officially. This was because the risk of theft was considered too high in many other countries to highlight the case.