Sonos Music Invasion
Concept, design, Art Direction, web, app, competition, film, event, social media, media placement, guerilla

The mission was to get as many people as possible to come to HiFi Klubben’s shops in Stockholm and Gothenburg. To do this, we organised a musical treasure hunt in the cities!

The treasure hunt was laid out using green graffiti, using templates we developed, to place song titles on streets in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We developed an app to help people find the titles and document the results. The song titles often connected to the location they were found in – for example, “Ring of Fire” on Ringvägen in Stockholm.

Participants were asked to find two song titles and then quickly go to a HiFi Klubben shop to participate in the competition with a chance to win Sonos products.

The campaign was a great success, and we tripled the number of visits to the shops compared to the same period the year before.

To reinforce the message and capture the rest of the target group, we also ran a social marketing campaign via popular channels and flyers in the cities.