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Sefina Pantbank Web

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Louder Family was commissioned to create an updated website for Sefina Pantbank’s domain We were commissioned to take care of both Design of Ui, Ux, development, basic copy for content for the company to build on, as well as content architecture. is a complex website as it contains both a web shop with 10-thousands of completely unique products, mortgage-lending systems, valuation systems, calculators of various kinds, press rooms, blog, customer portal for managing loans, live chat, educational articles and lots of important information for both buyers and borrowers. The site contains many links to external databases.

We started by analyzing Sefina’s site at the time. After measurements, we realized that it had a huge bounce rate, i.e. that the visitors who landed on the site left it very quickly: the site thus converted very badly in more respects. We also discovered that the site had 4 different menus depending on where on the site you were, it was difficult to navigate and understand where you were and where you were going.

Another challenge was the text content. It was written primarily for SEO purposes to rank high on google, but in the same breath you had lost the experience for the visitors and it was page after page with long texts where it became difficult to find the information you were looking for. We needed to strike a better balance.

We also needed to do a total upgrade of the technology platform to make the site safe to use, pawn and trade on.

The website was not responsive, that is, it worked poorly on the mobile. It was also seen that the overall part of the visitors came in via mobile phone. We therefore decided to think mobile first when redesigning the page.

The look also needed to get a big boost so that it would breathe the new Sefina Pantbank with the graphic identity we have developed over the years. The old site was mostly large, long pieces of black text on white background, a bit like text documents. It was difficult for visitors to see what was important information.

Sefina wanted the site to be easy to navigate, interactive, stylish, faster and follow modern standards. Of course, they also wished that the visitors stayed on the page, clicked on, converted and that the visitors came back several times.

We structured new content, scaled off, added new and restructured for a better user experience. We created a new, easy-to-understand menu and navigation structure and made sure visitors wanted to click further and further into the page using many call-to-action buttons and interesting easy-to-understand content.

We redesigned the site with Ui and Ux that follows Sefina’s graphic identity and is up to date with modern, stylish and functional web design. We made it mobile first, because most of the visitors came in via mobile, without forgetting desktop for that matter.

We made the purchase flow and filtering in the webshop smarter and easier to understand, made it easy to value items online to create contact for mortgages, and made sure that the large amounts of text meant for Google ranking from the old site, instead became articles that ended up on their own part of the homepage with the possibility of search and call to actions.

We made it possible to easily value different items online, as well as order a Vintage box once you have decided that you want to pawn your item.

We also redesigned the loan-to-value system, the so-called customer portal, where users log in to see their loans and purchases, so that it matched the new look on the rest of the site. We also integrate the auction calendar on the site.

Sefina needed a nice, functional customer service chat, and of course we created that!

We also made the editor experience smarter. Sefina’s editors for the webshop are people who work in their stores, and it needed to be easy to do the right thing with tagging for filtering, as all the products they sell are completely unique.

See more of the transformation in the documentation below and browse the!