Launch of the new Megane RS
Concept, Art Direction, film, influencer marketing, social media, media placement

The task was simple – to open the target group’s eyes to the new version of the Megane RS, a race version of a classic Renault model.

Renault is an experienced advertising buyer and had a traditional set of agencies that often consisted of an advertising agency, media agency and PR agency. In this case, they chose to go directly to Louder Family, a leading communications agency, to push their boundaries for the Megane RS launch. Today, a similar project would have been called content marketing.

Together, we created a complete communication plan that went through all of Renault’s connections and reached out to all kinds of media. To reach out to channels that couldn’t be achieved via payment, we also created a collaboration with a well-known Swedish hip-hop artist.

Initially in the process, the target group was able to win the opportunity to test drive the car on a full-speed track near Arlanda, as well as tickets to a gig with the artist at Berns. Long before the recording, we applied for a permit to record a video with the artist where we drove the car through unique places in Stockholm, including at full speed over Västerbron.

On the big day, Louder Family tied together all the parts of the project. The winners of the test drive met in Kungsträdgården, where we had a demo of the car plus car racing games for curious attendees. The test run took place, and afterwards everyone joined up in the basement of Berns to chat and see the premiere of the newly recorded video. The artist himself presented the video to all interested visitors and potential buyers. The evening ended with a gig by the artist, along with various guest artists.