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Polyver Sweden Web

website and e-commerce

As an important part of the communication, we created a completely new website and e-commerce for Polyver Sweden.

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Polyver was stuck in an old e-commerce system, which was impossible to make adjustments in without everything breaking down. It was not possible to make technical or visual updates, and in many cases it wasn’t even possible to update text.

The customer’s old site didn’t work in mobile view. Nearly 80% of all traffic that landed on the customer’s website came in via mobile and was met with something that could not be used.

So we needed to help our customer with a modern, stylish, easy-to-use and reliable e-commerce solution that builds the brand and inspired customers to live their best outdoor life.

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Louder Family suggested a completely new position and look to land the right feeling for consumers when they visit Polyver Sweden’s site.

After reviewing the customer’s needs and requirements, various e-commerce solutions and CMS were evaluated, and we landed with Shopify as the answer. Inspiring images, films and texts that surround e-commerce as the core of the website. It was important to feel safe in the buying process and that the site strategically and visually builds the brand in the customer’s consciousness.

Some of the requirements that Polyver Sweden placed on their new site, was that it had to have an easy-to-use backend and CMS. They wanted it to be possible to add more languages to the site, more currencies and that it would work seamlessly both on mobile and desktop.

Another important part was the text content on the website. Louder Family made sure it was well SEO-adapted, while being both brand building and relevant to visitors.

The goal was that Polyver Sweden’s new site would feel vibrant, dynamic and inviting for old and new customers.

After two months , Polyver Sweden’s new e-commerce site broke sales records.

Increase in revenue

Increase in traffic to site