Nissan Rumble

Nissan Rumble

The world’s first live Facebook event
Concept, design, Art Direction, Social media, live broadcast, competition, film, event, media placement, influencer marketing

With the Nissan Rumble, we created the world’s first live Facebook event. We created a Rally through all the Nordic countries where the cars were driven by likes on Facebook. Each like gave the competitors a certain distance they could drive, so if they ran out of likes, the team had to create content for Facebook before they could move on.

There was a team from each Nordic country, and the team consisted of a celebrity (in other words, an influencer) and a person chosen by that celebrity to drive the Rally.

All the cars also had cameras and camera crews so everything that happened could be broadcast live on Facebook.

Each section ended with an event in a city, and the grand finale was decided in Stockholm.