Halo, Microsoft XBOX-game

Halo, Microsoft XBOX-game

Launch of the game Halo
Concert, award winning, event, concept, design, Art Direction

This case is so old that even the phrase “event agency” was hot back then. Louder Family originates from the event scene and was briefed by Microsoft before the release of the game Halo. As always when it comes to a subculture, it’s of the utmost importance that the target group is willing to receive the message with open arms; otherwise they, their followers and the industry will not follow along.

The solution was to create a show in which Master Chief, the main character in the game, also played the main role in the launch.

The project took shape and was so ground-breaking that the project owner at Microsoft claimed his job was at stake if it failed.

The main event was a concert in Berwaldhallen, with the participation of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Choir and the extreme dance group North 64.

With the help of motion graphics and an accompanying costume, we programmed a digital Master Chief who danced like one of the participants in the ballet. The Philharmonic Orchestra spent six months interpreting Halo and created a unique concert.

To reach out to more unexpected channels, Backyard Babies were contacted and performed one of the songs together with the Philharmonic Orchestra. A similar band from each Nordic country also had the opportunity to spread the message to our neighbouring countries. The collaboration was so successful that Dregen could soon be seen having Halo tattooed across his chest in a well-known magazine.

This project was carried out before social media existed, but we made all the steps in the project visible via a blog, something that felt fresh at the time. And thanks to the blog, tickets to the show sold out five minutes after release.

The project was successful in so many aspects that the launch was even mentioned in Microsoft’s annual report and helped raise the value of this American listed company.

As an agency, we won the award “Best Practice in the World” from Microsoft. We also won the Golden Wheel (which we have not competed in since that date) and a gold in the PR industry’s SPINN gala.

Today we are more of a contemporary advertising agency, but this is still a clear example of what can be achieved with a good idea, the client’s trust, carefully targeted energy and good project management.