Canon: Share your love

Canon: Share your love

Canon’s Christmas campaign in Stockholm and Copenhagen
Concept, design, Art Direction, web, competition, film, event, social media, guerilla

We were commissioned to activate Canon’s Christmas campaign in Sweden and Denmark. The campaign was named “Share Your Love” and gave Canon buzz and spread both digitally and physically. The basic offer was a visually appealing box with giveaways, which customers received when buying any Canon product.

Our solution to spread the offer was a multi-stage concept and also guerrilla marketing, where we dressed up to remain incognito.

We developed a web application where customers could upload photos from their smartphones. The pictures were shaped like a heart where customers could add a text to send a personal message to someone they liked. They then shared their heart messages on Facebook with a simple click, but this was just the beginning.

The heart message was also sent to a database, and the message was then projected on a building in the middle of central Stockholm or Copenhagen during the event evening.

To spread the word about the app and the upcoming event, we made films marketed in Canon’s social media channels and as YouTube prerolls. The target group shared their messages on Facebook, which led to a viral spread.

Unfortunately, the City of Stockholm was not as keen as we were on the idea of ​​projections that spread love during the holiday rush, so we had to improvise.

On the day of the event, we dressed up as construction workers and placed road cones and reflective boundary strips on the road at Stureplan. From the tailgate of a minibus, we projected large images of heart messages that covered entire buildings. Many of those who had sent messages were on site to see if their message would be visible. On site, we had a photographer who took pictures of the crowd and also projected these in real time, all while Christmas shopping was in full swing.

Love spread and we even witnessed a marriage proposal!

The event was filmed and cut into a film that showed images from the event mixed with Canon’s Christmas offer. This was then spread organically via various digital channels according to the media strategy we developed. The campaign went viral and we ended up with a much- appreciated campaign, both in Sweden and Denmark.