Broporten & Brännbacken

Broporten & Brännbacken

Graphic identity and applications
Concept, design, Art Direction, web, print, business development, visual communication

Väderholmen is a property company with a focus on office and retail premises. They wanted to expand the business and build two new areas from the ground up:

Broporten, with premises for car dealers, furniture stores, hotel and restaurant activities, and Brännbacken, for warehouse and industrial operations.

Our design department was commissioned to develop a new, cohesive design language for the projects, creating a graphic identity with colours, shapes, typography and logo. It was important for the customer to be able to easily apply the new design in different areas and for different projects. We worked closely with the architects to achieve this.

Intense research and several workshops took place during the branding process to identify what the brand should signal to the target group, as well as other conditions for good visual communication.

The solution was a common font and contrast colour, with different areas having a specific colour. The logos are similar to create recognition, and allude to construction and blueprint drawings, as the shape of each specific surface becomes part of the logo.

We applied the graphic identity to a physical folder with a selling prospectus, as well as a website.